At Lefebvre’s Upholstery, We Re-upholster

Re-covering VS Re-upholstering
At Lefebvre’s Upholstery, we do not re-cover, we re-upholster. The difference between the two is re-covering is applying a cotton over the old cover and applying the new cover over it.

When we re-upholster, we remove the old cover and padding from the frame, the old staple or nails are removed and the frame inspected. Repairs and regulating are done if required. At this time the styling and modification can be taken care of and the upholstery begins. Your furniture is brought back to its original splendor.

Who would you want to work on your furniture: somebody that re-covers or somebody that re-upholsters?

• Upholstery
• Stripping and refinishing
• Designing and styling
• Antique restoration
• Fabrication
• Caning

• Headboards
• Storage benches
• Slip covers
• Car interiors
• Boat interiors
• Motorcycle seats
• Snow mobile seats
• Banquettes